Focus on SRE

Some materials you may find helpful in relation to enrolment in SRE classes for 2017:

High School Training Requirements

In light of our commitment to safe ministry and the annual assurance we give the Department of Education (DoE) regarding training for SRE, the Presbyterian Church in NSW, in agreement with other authorisers of high school SRE teachers, has decided on the following standard.

Anyone who is employed and/or receives a non-tax benefit as a 'religious practitioner' to teach SRE in a central or high school must

  • Be authorised by the Conduct Protocol Unit (CPU) as a high school SRE teacher;
  • Be trained to at least certificate level in both teaching and pastoral care;
  • Only use one of the authorised curricula listed below;
  • Be cross-authorised by other local church/denominational representatives.

The curricula authorised by the Presbyterian Church to be used by those who have at least certificate level training in both teaching and pastoral care are

  1. Shoalhaven Employers of Christian Education Teachers (SECET)
  2. ChristianSRE high school curriculum
  3. Youthworks "Think Faith" curriculum


Some materials or resources that you may find helpful in relation to the Department of Education and Communities (DEC) Review of SRE across the state are:




Policy and Procedures

SRE curriculum outlines

Christian SRE Basic Teacher Training for combined arrangements

  • Primary School
    • Christian SRE
    • Baptist plus Modules 5 and 6 of Christian SRE
    • Modules of training from ICCOREIS members
  • High School

SRE Child Protection Training

SRE Training: Training for SRE is a government requirement, and encourages both teachers and students. It is a simple process available online at:

If you need any more copies of the 'Information for Families' brochures for either primary or high school, please contact the Presbyterian Youth NSW office on 02 8567 4700 or email

SRE Curriculum for Prep Vol 1: Download

SRE and the Presbyterian Church


More Information on SRE.

  • Find out more about how you can be trained to be an SRE teacher without leaving your area
  • Find out more about the Inter-Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools (NSW) Inc (ICCOREIS)
  • Find out more about Generate Ministries and who is teaching SRE in high schools in your area, as well as how you can pray for them.
  • Find out about Child Protection requirements and paperwork for SRE teachers in the Presbyterian Church and download forms. (coming soon)
  • Look at some of the available material.
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