The Internship Lead for Life programme seeks to provide young leaders with a deeper understanding of God’s word, to help build the foundations of their faith and to train them in practical skills of leadership and ministering to others.

Know Jesus for life

Bible teaching that stretches and challenges you, and sets up good habits in reading and understanding God’s Word.

Love Jesus for life

Developing the disciplines and habits of a godly character in order to grow more like Jesus every day.

Serve Jesus for life

Practical skills that enable you to serve God well, wherever he places you with whatever gifts he gives you.

What does it involve?

1 week residential intensive teaching:

Residential training for 6 days at PY Summer Camp involving teaching sessions and discussion groups. Teaching sessions are run by qualified ministers of the Presbyterian Church and others.

12 months of ministry and mentoring in your local church:

For 12 months after the training course leaders will participate in some form of ministry in their local church (e.g. helping with Sunday school, a kids club etc). A person from their local church provides ongoing support/mentoring to the leader during this time.

Leading a small group on a Camp

Young leaders will be co-leaders at either of PY’s Winter or Summer Camps or at a pre-approved regional youth camp. At these camps they will be paired with an experienced leader where they will gain experience in serving God in a wider Christian context outside their local church.

Past Interns


Past Intern, 19 years old

The internship was an amazing opportunity for me to dig deeply into God’s Word. The sound doctrine and theology that was taught has certainly elevated not only my knowledge and understanding of God’s word, yet it also further strengthened my relationship with Him. I loved meeting up with my mentor and it is still something I look forward to! Having someone there to spiritually support, encourage and pray for and with you is so crucial in ministry and certainly very beneficial. Overall, I would highly recommend the Lead for Life Internship program to others - it is by far the best decision I made in 2015!


Past Intern, 19 years old

Doing the Internship allowed me the scope and resources to start looking at the Bible more seriously and informing my own faith with God's Word through studying it under both the lecturers at the internship and my mentor at church. The connections formed with other Interns was also invaluable as those relationships allowed an insight into how other churches do their youth ministries. These relationships and training developed during the intensive session at Summer Camp allowed me to become a more effective and confident Youth Leader at my own church, as well as the ongoing mentoring at my own church which encouraged and challenged me.

The Lecturers


Bible teacher, Old testament, New testament, Christian Belief

John has been teaching at Christ College for 14 years. He teaches theology and ethics and loves helping students understand and apply God’s word. He completed a PhD on the modern German theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg. John has published a book about Pannenberg as well as an introduction to Christian doctrine. John is interested in thinking about how the gospel engages with contemporary culture and helping the church navigate faithful living in a post-Christian society. He is married to Elizabeth and they have two young adult children. They are members of Winmalee Presbyterian Church. John used to do a bit of running, till one of his knees gave out; now he is getting used to riding a bike.


Bible teacher, Christian Leadership & Management

Steve is the pastor at Penrith Presbyterian Church and has been there for more than 4 years. He has been involved with the PY Internship for 6 years helping to train young leaders. He enjoys helping people of all ages and walks of life to live for Jesus in all of life. He is married to Nicole and has two boys, Liam and Toby. He plays soccer on the weekend and loves a good Thai green curry.

Potential applicants must have finished High School & be 16 or older.

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There are 3 parts to applying for the Internship: a Personal Application Form, a Church Application Form (to be filled out by your Minister) and to register for for the Intensive Week during Summer Camp 2017. Completing the Application Forms does not grant you entry into the Program. Each Application is reviewed and you will be contacted with your success.

(If you don't receive an email, please call the PYNSW Office on 02 8567 4700)